Power-Star has been proposed for future MARS Advanced Relay Satellite systems.  The current relay from Mars to Earth is a lengthy 12 ½ minutes & NASA wishes to reduce that time.  This requires our large 100-meter spherical Satellite to be positioned far out in Geo and beyond the dark side of the moon.  Our self-powered Microwave Retro-Directive technologies can do this along with providing tractor beam energy to assist in outer planetary explorations.


Space Threat Defense System

Using Power-Star’s self-powered Microwave Retro-Directive technologies threats such as; Meteors, Missiles & all hostiles can be vaporized.  Studies (USAF) has shown a 20-metric ton meteor can be vaporized within a known amount of time.  Having multiple Satellites would only improve its power output & precision for detection for vaporization.

A solar power system consists of a space segment that collects solar energy, converts the energy into radiation (typically in a wavelength band to which the atmosphere is mostly transparent), then transmits the radiation to a ground facility that converts the radiation into electrical power. "Power Star is the breakthrough solution for the space segment. Take mass- produced SMF, and form it into balloon satellites, as in the Echo satellites (see below). Compactly folded for launch, it is automatically inflated on-orbit to provide enough power for a first-revenue system. Dozens of launches of complex structures with many moving parts requiring robotic in-space construction are all unnecessary. One launch = one system."

NASA's 1st & 2nd Satellite Echo 1 & 2 1960s



​​Power-Star can end All Major Wars, creating enough energy to Vaporize All Threats in Space, Atmospheric & Earth @ the speed of light & disable ALL Nuclear Missiles prior or immediately at Launch!

power-star satellites: creating solar energy-converting energy to microwave & transmitting to grid system.