Rest In Peace our Friend

Dr. Peter Pry Aug 2022

Protecta-grid applications: protecting grid systems, emergency buildings & equipment, survival facilities  

Protecta-grid is self-ENERGized & nuclear- hardened for emp, solar-flares protection

•NASA scientists say that a direct hit to Earth from one of these solar events would have a catastrophic impact on the nation’s critical infrastructures, costing upwards of $2 trillion dollars in damage during the first year alone. According to their best estimates, it would take at least four years to recover, with urban areas being hit especially hard.
•Because of our total dependence on critical infrastructures for electricity, communications, food, and water delivery, banking and financial services, and even emergency services, highly populated urban centers would experience the brunt of the catastrophe and would likely see large amounts of death and chaos.

PROTECTA-GRID, Solar-Nuclear Hardened Fabric; to be used to harden/protect the electrical grid system, from Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) or upper atmosphere nuclear explosion, Solar Flares and prevent disaster from penetration of EMP strong enough to wipe out our electrical grid system & important infrastructures.