NASA Echoe 2 & Our Material Replaces Original Mylar 

Space Solar Power to be known as Energy from Space Program aka, refers to the concept of a space system that collects solar power via photovoltaic & mirrors then transmits it to ground collection stations using visible or microwave radiation.  Most important to me & US is to back the US Dollar with the Future of Energy & Economy.  Building the Space Solar Power Transmission Systems with >300+ Smaller Satellites with morphing mirrors can produce over 25 Terawatts and power most of the World for many decades & centuries.  In addition, we can beam down the power via lasers and create efficient, affordable desalination salt water to places worldwide. We can also start to control/tame weather by overlapping beams/rays and even some known frequencies causing convection and using upper currents to move it to rain where there are droughts including eliminating tornadoes & bad hurricanes.  We can make Space Deathrays for vaporizing threats from space (similar to Reagan’s Star Wars dream), also vaporize those threats which cannot be captured (space debris), additionally send a beam out to our Mars or outer planetary transport. 
Understand the future doesn’t have to be like the past and demanding to make the Future better - similar to our Race to Space and the moon.  In this pursuit one’s destiny is limitless.

Energy From Space:

A solar power system consists of a space segment that collects solar energy, converts the energy into radiation (typically in a wavelength band to which the atmosphere is mostly transparent), then transmits the radiation to a ground facility that converts the radiation into electrical power. "Power Star is the breakthrough solution for the space segment. Take mass- produced SMF, and form it into balloon satellites, as in the Echo satellites (see below). Compactly folded for launch, it is automatically inflated on-orbit to provide enough power for a first-revenue system. Dozens of launches of complex structures with many moving parts requiring robotic in-space construction are all unnecessary. One launch = one system."


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