Evolving Products to Better Our World & Yours

Powered Clothing
Insta-Grid TM fabric with solar cells can be manufactured using wearable fabric. This means that a person’s coat can be used to recharge electronic devices such as smart phones, watches, etc.


Self-Powered Tents 
SFM can be embodied in rugged, flexible and waterproof fabrics. Under current technology stiff, bulky solar arrays have to be wired to tent fabric in order to be used, and then unwired in order to fold the tent. On the other hand a flexible Insta-Grid tent is both a shelter and the power source and can be simply folded and unfolded.

Self –Powered Cell phone Towers
Almost all cell towers rely on external power and are disabled in a blackout. Insta-Grid (plus battery storage) provides a cheap, independent power source. Quantities of lightweight can be wrapped around the framework of the cell tower to prevent power interruption

​Solutioncell’s "Insta-Grid" strategic approach to market innovation, penetration and dominance is looking at it from the “Big Picture point-of-view” because it is created by the Team which, is and has been the Leaders in Big Top 100 Corps in the World. 

Our leadership knows how to structure the company and teams to be agile and not to stop evolving products its manufacturing systems from the start. 

The advantages of this venture is we do and shall create the Intellectual Properties for the materials it’s manufacturing processes, tools, system integration and plans to work far into the future like those of Henry Ford, Boeing, GE, Microsoft, Google, Apple only for the prosperity of mankind and peace.

independence is here; full energy, communications & defense structural fabric

Point-to-Point Communication Clothing
Insta-Grid TM clothing having both solar cells and patched antenna phased arrays would not only power personal electronics but could be used for point-to-point communication. The communications signal would be amplified and the retrodirective phased array capability used to transmit a tight beam to the near vicinity of the receiving person. This would be very useful to emergency first-responders, where disaster emergency conditions require high fidelity communications independent of existing networks.

We evolve four main product lines to achieve success for the US and the world: (1) Mass production of Insta-Grid for everyone's energy needs. (2) Creation of ultra hard Protecta-Grid to save and improve the U. S. grid, (3) Stationing the first Power-Star satellites, and (4) expansion of the space system to ~ 400 Satellites for transmission to ground and numerous in-space applications. America's households, businesses, national defense, and NASA's most ambitious explorations will be stupendously enriched by these   revolutionary   energy   &   RF  systems.

Bimini Tops and Convertible Tops
Similar to the above, stiff, bulky solar arrays have to be wired to the bimini fabric in order to be used, and then unwired in order to fold the bimini. No such complications arise with INSTA-GRID bimini tops. Insta-Grid solar powered convertible tops are both convenient and save battery life and improve mileage.

Advanced Habitation Technology
 By “habitation technology” we refer to an integrated, portable system of systems that enables a small group of people to generate most or nearly all of their consumables. Insta-Grid can provide a substantial component of such systems. Power, communications and self-defense capabilities can be provided inexpensively to people wishing to live more independently.

Clothing with Tactile Messaging or Touch Devices (Beam Me! Or the “Intimate Touch”)
This is point-to-point communication clothing with the object of promoting the confidentiality of personal communications. In addition the microwave signal could be used to energize devices that provide tactile stimulation through the recipient’s clothing as a way of announcing a call.  “Beam Me!” could go viral.  Want to know by touch when a loved one calls you or want to feel the touch of a loved one who is not around or the other side of the world our pressure/touch sending “Intimate touch” fabric can transmit their touches or program your phone to give you a message.